Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Details of Ms Ridz's Wedding

About the Wedding

Ceremony starts at 5pm on 18thNov'06 (Saturday)
Dinner starts at 6pm
Venue: Ulu Pandan Community Club Multi Purpose Hall No. 170 Ghim Moh Road
(Indicated by Red Star)

For those who want to meet up, please meet at Bouna Vista MRT Control (outside) by 4.15pm 5.30pm..

ps: buying gift for her as a class?

pps: any queries, please tag or sms sc.. =)



those attending Ms Ridz's Wedding

01) zhao perng
02) matin
03) jonathon lim
04) jia hao
05) jia jun
06) sheng chuan
07) wei xiang
08) fabian
09) gerald
10) mark
11) gabriel
12) silvia
13) ivan
14) jane (going with 4/4 frens )

those not confirmed
01) tanyaw

those not attending
01) eugene
02) vanessa
03) justin
04) hanafi
05) lili
06) my sitian
07) my laika
08) hui yi
09) ching hwa
10) florence
11) suteng
12) fredrick

Please Check above namelist for ur name =)

[last update: 11 Nov PM 10.24]

moirae parcaeat 1:44 PM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ms Ridz's Wedding.

Hey guys! As some of you might know, Ms Ridz is getting married soon!
And we are invited to her wedding!!!

The details are as follow:

Date: 18th Nov 2006
Location of wedding banquet: Somewhere in Ulu Pandan (check with sc)
Time to meet up: Tentatively - 5.30pm at ghim moh. (TBC once attendance is confirmed)

Please SMS sheng chuan *ASAP* at 96640287 and let him know if you are attending the dinner. Thanks.

By the way, a next piece of good news! Ms Leng is getting married this month as well!

Her wedding will be held on 11th Nov (this Sat).
However, erm, i guess beside for her form class, our class is not informed to go for the wedding... erm.. so.. like that lor.. =P

Nevertheless, we can still SMS her to give her our blessings. If you want her number, you can ask for it from me.

Jia Hao

Dj Zat 11:18 PM

Sunday, August 06, 2006

CSS carnival 2006

heyos, to my dearest dearest: Sheng Chuan; Jia Jun; Matin; Wei Xiang; Xie Mai; Jane; Deyang; Ren Kiat; Sarah Lim; Meng Qi; Sitian;LiLi; Laika;Frederick; Jonathan Lim; Florence; Jeremy; Hui Yi; Ching Hwa; Fabian; Silvia; Zhao Perng; Gabriel; Ivan; Jia Hao,

pls take note of the details as follows~

1) be in css on thursday, 10th aug 2006, 2pm
2) settle own meals =D
3) end latest by 7pm
4) the faster things are done, the earlier we can go~
5) any doubts, call shengchuan
(personally, i think call will be better than sms.. bleh =P)
so aye, see u ppl on thursday and on the actual css carnival (ie 13th july august)
\( ^ v ^ )/

moirae parcaeat 10:28 PM

Sunday, May 28, 2006

attention grabbers' class chalet 06

The forthcoming chalet will be holding at Downtown East Costa Sands Resort.. (same venue as last year orh..) hmm.. the chalet dates are from 31th may06(wednesday) to 2th june06(friday).. unit:1106.. BLK A.. =X.. hmm.. check in time ish 4pm.. so 4/6erx can come anytime after that.. hmm.. this time we needa pay $15 to sC ( inclusive of the $2 to jj) =) any updates will be edited in this post( with a different color i guess) .. =D hmm.. BBQ SHOULD be on day one, ie 31may.. unless it rained, ie 1june.. =)

moirae parcaeat 2:47 PM

Monday, May 22, 2006

pls update the list..(either tell jiahao/lili/tag in chatterbox)

01 jiajun
02 laika
03 sheng chuan
04 sitian
05 lili
06 zhao perng
07 fred
08 huiyi
09 tan yaw
10 gabriel
11 florence
12 fabian
13 jeremy
14 jonathon
15 deyang
16 wei xiang
17 renkiat
18 matin
19 eugene
20 weikang
21 justin
22 sumyutha

moirae parcaeat 9:49 PM


There will be chalet on 31 May to 2 June(check out). Please contact jia jun for more details. Thanks alot.

PS. Polytechnic students are not still not having meeting during the chalet. Thus a few of us might not be able to make it. Especially those in poly.

Dj Zat 7:57 PM

Thursday, March 16, 2006

bbQ @ sc's condo..

this coming saturday, 18th march 2006, there will a a BBQ at shengchuan's condo around 4pm.. pls bring ur swimming costume if u are swimming.. hmm, hehex, u need not bring other thingys i suppose, jux bring along ur empty stomache! hehex.. meaning u need not pay for the bbq oh~ so mux go thank sc o~.. =D
for those who dunno how to go sc's condo, pls meet at JE mrt control station (outside) clementi mcdonald [sorry guys for the mistake!!!] at 2.45pm.. we're gonna wait until, latest, 3 pm.. =D
from lili>>try to ask / persuade / grab / drag / kidnap other 4/6erz along k.. =D
hmm.. im hearing more and more positive responses.. yeah~ hohoho =D btw, if u know how to go sc's condo, u can go before 4pm if u wan.. u can also go in a group separately.. jux try not to be late for the bbq oh~ [im a big big bIg BIG EATER! so rmb to arrive early to "fight" food with me.. oops im causing damage to my own reputation... gosh!!! ]

moirae parcaeat 11:26 AM

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

class outing @sentosa

hey guys, there will be a class outing.. details as follows..

date: 12 feb'06 (sunday)
venue of activity: sentosa
venue of meeting up: bus interchange at harbor front
time of meeting up: 10am
things to bring: $$$ (entry fees/ lunch/ drinks blah); clothes; towels; food and other things you find necessary
organisors: hui yi; jiajun
ps-u can bring along ppl from somewhere else, but try not to k? thanks =D
last updated on 1 feb'06

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